SPS crews are busy replacing all the concrete at the front of the Bass Pro Shops building in Broken Arrow, OK.

One of the talented SPS concrete crews are getting ready to start removing a large majority of the sidewalks in front of Bass Pro Shops in Broken Arrow, OK to give the store a face lift and eliminate potential safety hazards.  We are also going to replace some of the rotten exterior logs by the […]

SPS Crews are busy sealing all of the roads and parking lots throughout Flinthills National as part of an extensive asphalt repair and preventative maintenance program that we helped implement.  We are using an extremely durable airport-grade asphalt emulsion applied in multiple coats, both by squeegee and spray methods.  Things are starting to look good […]

Finished project, extremely happy customer! On schedule and on budget. This one required a complete parking removal, complete sidewalk and curbing removal, extensive base stabilization, brand new concrete drainage flumes around the building, brand new sidewalks and ADA ramps, brand new asphalt paving, and new striping and signage. Total working days: 10. Thank you for the […]

Starting a complete parking lot and concrete replacement project at Jimmie’s Diner on Rock Rd in Wichita today! Last night our milling crew removed half the parking lot. Today we begin removing all of the sidewalks and drainage flumes around the entire building. We have 10 days to complete this project with a chance of […]